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This deviation was deleted

Okay, I 'm not sure if you were expecting me to do this but I'm gonna do this! Let's begin,
Positive .u.
II found this picture in my messages box, and when I saw it I was drawn to it. The background choice is amazing. I think that the colors and the whole 3Dish effect suites the character well. I also think that the design all together was really good! I never would be able to draw out the pattern on the tail because I'm way to lazy. The position of the cat is also good. I also think this suites the character well. The red outline you used was a good choice I think it makes the cheeks look cool for some reason. And the shading seems to add to the coolness.
Negative .n.
There isn't that many problems with this too me, but there are a few. I think that you could have turned up the opacity on the right-no left-no wait right...The eye that's covered with the fur. At first I thought you didn't add another eye and then I saw the outline. I thought it would be better if the opacity was up. Also, the patterns on the tail could go slightly to the part on the back. It would give that feeling of It still exists some where! The shading is a bit out of place here and there, but I wouldn't worry about that (I can't get it right either).
ALL TOGETHER. It was a great picture I enjoyed looking at it for the past what 10-15 min.? .u. Sorry if this sounded bad, I'm not that good with this kind of stuffs.
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Electriified Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks a bunch for the wonderful critique!!!~ <333
Next time I draw her, I'll try those suggestions~ >w<
EclipseShine Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem! I can't wait to see her again X3
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